The Next 10 Years: The Latest Tech to Transform the Way We Live

The future of the Internet is fast approaching.The next wave of technology is expected to be revolutionary and could change the way we communicate and move information, create jobs and improve the quality of life.The technology we’re talking about is called “electron platform mas.”It’s the newest version of the operating system that powers the Web, […]

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How to write electron-based instruments for electronic drums

The electron platform is a platform for developing electronic drum instruments, based on the principle of creating an electronic signal in a waveform.The electronic drum is the result of a simple circuit design which uses electronic signals to amplify and decouple the individual elements of a signal.The sound produced by the drum is generated by […]

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China launches first-ever online digital visa platform for overseas workers

China’s first online electronic visa-free travel platform launched Wednesday, allowing employers and workers to use the online platform to conduct business online without having to travel to the country.The Electronic Sports Technology Association, which is the Chinese counterpart to Electronic Gaming Association, said in a statement that the platform will allow foreign-owned companies to operate […]

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Which games are coming to PlayStation VR?

The latest PlayStation VR game will be released in the coming months, and Sony is bringing a handful of new titles to the platform, including Rocket League, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.Read on for a look at some of the new titles, including a number of Rocket League-related games.Rocket League The newest […]

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NSA hacking tool used in Russian attack

The NSA used an electronic security tool that was designed to help Russia hack targets in the United States to spy on them, a top-secret report by a House committee says.The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Wednesday also accused the National Security Agency of using a software update to steal email credentials of […]

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