Ethereum is the blockchain platform for electronic drums

Electronic drum players are using the Ethereum blockchain platform to create electronic discovery platforms for the creation of electronic drum songs, a leading electronic music producer has said.

Miklos Biklis, founder of Electron Music Labs, said the platform was “going to change the electronic drum game forever”.

“We are going to take electronic drum making to the next level.

I am excited by the fact that a lot of the existing drum companies are going on board with the Ethereum platform.”

Ethereum is going to change how drum makers make their music.

They will have the ability to do this on their own time, and it will be easier and faster for them to create new music,” he said.

Electron Music Lab has raised $1.8 million from venture capital firm Union Square Ventures and a number of other investors.

In the past three months, Biklys company has made investments in other technology companies including blockchain technology startup DigiByte.

The company has also raised funds from companies including Singularity Ventures and SoundCloud, among others.

In January this year, the company partnered with the likes of Google to develop the first blockchain-based digital music discovery platform.