Why the NFL’s electronic tenders platform might help NFL teams get the most talent in 2020

The NFL’s Electronic Tenders Platform (ETP) is a platform that lets teams select and apply for players on the field, via social media, to be available for future draft picks.

The league is now reportedly in the process of revamping its digital tenders system, which has historically been criticized for being a lagging contributor to player availability.

The process of adding more NFL teams to the platform could be key in getting NFL teams more players available in the 2020 NFL Draft.

According to a report from NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington, the NFL is preparing to make a major shakeup to its digital-tendering platform.

The platform has been a part of the league for years, and it’s not uncommon for NFL teams and teams to use it to add players to their rosters.

Darlington writes that the NFL would like to see more teams use the platform to sign players to long-term contracts.

“The NFL has a large number of talented young players, but a large portion of them are under contract for next year, and the current system is not providing them the type of value that they’re looking for,” Darlington wrote.

“With this change, the league will create an entirely new digital platform to ensure that players are added to the roster as quickly as possible, with the highest level of transparency, as soon as possible.”

A draft pick is a player that a team has the right to pick in the NFL Draft, and this year, it’s expected that the league may take a more proactive approach to adding draft picks to its roster.

The new platform could give teams the ability to select and add draft picks on the spot.

The NFLPA has expressed concerns about how the league handles draft picks and the need to ensure they’re properly vetted.

In 2016, the union filed a complaint with the NFL claiming that the draft picks are being vetted by teams in the middle of the process, and that teams are not getting full information about the players that they might choose.