How to build a ‘digital platform’ with an Arduino microcontroller

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Engadges technology is used in the video above.

The first part of this article is based on a demo video on Engads platform for an electronic sports application.

In the video you can see how to create an electronic platform with an ATmega328P microcontroller.

This allows you to create a simple application with a variety of inputs and outputs.

In this case you can create a racing game, an electronic service platform, an arcade game, and so on.

The second part of the article focuses on the ATmega168p microcontroller, which can be used in any electronic platform.

It can also be used as an electronic signature platform.

This part explains how to use the AT168p as an ATtiny85 microcontroller for an online electronic service.

In this article you will find the Arduino example code, which we can use to build an electronic application.

You can use it to create your own electronic platform, create an online game, or use it as an analog digital service platform.

If you are interested in this kind of electronic platform creation, you can visit Engads digital platform page.