Digital broking platform that tracks ‘survey’ activity, says it won’t take orders

Google has released a new website that claims to help users with online surveys.

The new website, called SurveyMonkey, has been in development since last year and it aims to offer a “more personalized” experience for survey-seekers, said Google’s Ben Thompson.

“SurveyMonkey lets you view and submit surveys and make your own decisions on how to best answer them,” said Thompson in a blog post on Wednesday.

“The site also offers more features, including live feedback, and allows you to send in your own data.”

In the new website’s description, SurveyMonker says it will provide users with “the ability to complete surveys, take data-driven decisions, and make informed choices about the results.”

“Surveys are an important part of our data science efforts and are vital for businesses to understand how users respond to their advertising and to make the right choices about which ads to display and for whom,” said the website.

“To be clear, SurveyMongo is not a survey service, nor is it a pollster.”

It is also unclear if SurveyMonk will be used by companies to conduct online surveys, which is not allowed under the US privacy laws.

“We have a long history of using surveys to inform our products and services, and we hope to continue to do so in the future,” said a Google spokesperson in a statement.

“When a user takes a survey, they are asked for their permission and they can choose to not provide any information about themselves, which can be useful for others who are not the intended audience for the survey.”