Aussie firm to offer its own online gaming platform in 2020

Electronic platform platform platform Xfinity is set to launch its own virtual-reality gaming platform and mobile app, the company has confirmed.

Xfinity said it will launch its virtual-gaming platform, Xtreme Gaming, in 2020.

Xtreme will allow users to play games on mobile devices and the company said it has also plans to bring its gaming service to Android phones, tablets and other devices.

It said the service will be free, but will require an Xfactory subscription.

“The launch of Xtremefly is the culmination of many years of collaboration between our technology team and our business partners and we are delighted to bring Xtravaganza to mobile devices,” Xfury founder and CEO Paul F. Siegel said in a statement.

“Xtremeche platform will enable Xfinite players to access all the Xfins entertainment, news and information, all in one place.”

Xfinite is an online gaming service with a focus on entertainment, including news, sports, and gaming.

The platform will feature an interactive app that allows users to access games, including some that are exclusive to the Xtrium platform.

A spokesperson for Xfunity said the company had been in discussions with Xtria over the last few months.

Mr Siegel has a background in digital media and had previously worked for Facebook as the company’s vice president of content.

He has previously worked at Zynga and Google, before founding the company with Mr Finkler.

The launch comes a few weeks after a report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance said Xfusion, which is owned by Xfone, would make its first-ever mobile game.

Earlier this year, Xfion said it would invest $50 million into the Xterra platform, a virtual-world game.

The Xtream service will allow players to interact with other users on an interactive map, similar to what is used on mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga.

“It’s a platform that will allow you to engage with the game world, interact with the people you’re with, and be a part of it,” Mr Siegel told The Australian Financial Review.

“The fun part of the experience is the fact that you’ll be able to play it wherever you are, on your mobile device, and on your television.”

Mr Sayer said that, in the future, Xxfinity could potentially launch a standalone mobile game, and he was optimistic about the potential for the platform.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in gaming and it’s definitely a space that’s going to grow,” he said.

“I’m confident that we’re going to see the kind of growth we’ve seen in the past, where people are really finding a way to make it work for them.”

The Australian Financial Press has contacted Xfony for comment.

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