China’s supercomputer wins top award for 2020

The US-based National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSAP) has announced that it has been awarded the 2020 Computational Science and Engineering Research Award (CSER) by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to help fund its research and development efforts in supercomputing.

The CSER is the highest honor awarded to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and is designed to encourage US-led research and innovation in the development of supercomputers.NIST’s NIST Cyber Challenge (NCDC) is the largest single-year competition in the world, with $4 billion in funding and over 5,000 entrants.

The NSC is a part of the National Science Foundation, which supports the DOE.

The NSF awarded the NSF the award for supercomputation research in 2020 because of its leadership in the field, and because of NIST’s strong collaboration with the National Institute for Standards and Technologies in building the NSIC’s supercomputed supercomputer network.

The NSC, NIST and the DOE will collaborate on NSIC supercomputer research in the future, according to a statement released by the NSC and NIST on Monday.

“The award recognizes NSIC for its leadership on the development and deployment of its NSIC network, as well as the collaboration with NIST, DOE and NSF in supporting NSIC research,” said the statement.

“We look forward to further collaborations and the development for the future of supercomputer research.”

The announcement follows a report by NIST that revealed that China had surpassed the United States in computing power in 2020.

China’s Tianhe-2, a supercomputer that was built at the National University of Defense Technology, had more computing power than the US.

The National University for Defense Technology’s Tiananmen Square supercomputer had more than 1,200 teraflops of computing power, or roughly the equivalent of one-sixth of the world’s total.

In a similar way, China surpassed the US in computing in 2020, NSC officials said.

“With a large-scale computing effort that has reached unprecedented levels, China is on a trajectory to surpass the US as the world leader in supercomputer performance in the near future,” said Mark A. Smith, the NIST senior vice president for research and computing, in the statement announcing the award.

The new awards will also support NIST efforts to accelerate research in superconducting technology, or high-performance computing.NICT is a DOE office responsible for superconductivity research, supercomposition research and energy-harvesting research.

Smith said the DOE is working with the Chinese National Physical Laboratory (CNPL), the country’s leading supercomputer center, to accelerate the research in high-power superconductors.”CNPL will work with DOE and NSC to support the construction of a new high-superconducting supercomputer, the first of its kind to be built on a DOE-led campus,” Smith said.