New ebook platform: ebooksunique electronic platform |Recode title A new ebook platform for digital books is being developed by the authors of popular novels. |Recoding

An ebook platform designed to help writers create digital works, from one-sentence descriptions of their favorite characters to full-length stories, is being launched by the Authors Guild of America, Inc. The e-book platform, called eBooksunique electronic platforms, aims to improve the quality of digital books and make them more accessible to consumers.

It aims to provide publishers with a platform for more affordable books, with an emphasis on fiction and nonfiction, and more accessible books to consumers in general.

“This platform provides a much more cost-effective platform for authors, and it can be used by writers, authors who want to publish their own books, and readers who want the chance to read the books they love,” says Paul S. Ehrlich, president and CEO of the Authors Group, which represents authors.

“The platform is designed to make publishing more accessible, more affordable, and to help the publishing industry be more competitive.”

The new platform was launched in September 2016 and is already available in more than 70 countries.

The platform has a goal to provide more than 40 million books to readers and creators globally by 2025.

Publishers are looking to expand the platform, which is a $200 million investment.

“Our goal is to have this platform in every single bookshop in the world by 2025, so that everyone can have access to the books that they want,” says Sara Kagan, publisher of The Ink House, an imprint of Penguin Random House and co-founder of the platform.

Publishers will be able to use the platform to: Add titles to the e-books catalog, including books they have already published.

Create a book in their own words.

Add authors to the platform and invite them to submit book descriptions, with a link to their profile page.

Add new authors to a book, with links to their profiles.

Add books to a Kindle or a Kindle book reader, allowing readers to see the entire manuscript.

Provide publishers with books for free.

Author profiles can be updated through the platform at any time.

Publishers can also upload their e-content for inclusion in the platform’s catalog.

Publishers also can create and distribute new e-Booksunique Electronic Platforms, or e-Pubs, that can be purchased for use in a bookshop.

The Platforms main objective is to make it easy for writers to sell books, including to consumers, at an affordable price.

The Authors Guild estimates that digital book sales will increase by 10% to 15% over the next five years, according to the Authors group.

“We’re excited to see this new platform, a new way to distribute books, a platform that gives authors and publishers a platform to market and sell their work,” said Karen W. Sorensen, president of the Author Group.

“It’s important that we are creating a platform so that we can make more affordable and accessible books for consumers, and that’s what we’re doing.”

The Authors Group estimates that the platform will increase sales of about 2,000 titles per year by 2025 from what it currently has, and will help authors increase their sales by $1 billion to $2 billion per year.

The authors’ platform is not the only way publishers are hoping to make e-publishing more affordable.

The Electronic Book Trade Association (EBTA), an industry trade group, is pushing to expand digital sales.

EBT, which helps publishers sell e-fame, is sponsoring a conference in early 2020 that will include a panel discussion on e-ebooks, said Greg L. Bowers, executive vice president of EBT’s publishing division.

“For publishers and authors, eBooksUnique Electronic Platform is the first step in the journey to create a more accessible and affordable e-commerce ecosystem for authors and their readers,” he said in a statement.

Authors have a choice of platforms for the creation of their eBooks unique electronic platforms.

For the new platform that the Authors guild is developing, they will use a third-party platform called eBook-O.eBooksUnique eBook O.eBook O, a free online book service, aims at making the publishing process easier for readers.

“EBook- O.o. is a free, open source ebook platform that makes publishing easy for readers by allowing authors to create their own eBooks, including new works, complete with full-color descriptions and titles, and even custom covers,” said Peter F. Cottrell, CEO of eBookO.o., in a news release.

“Publishers can use eBook.o’s platform to create and sell books for $1.99 each.

In addition, publishers can choose to purchase their books from eBookbook O.O. and other eBooks- O publishers can also create their eBooks unique electronic books at the same time, for a total