How to use the latest app to learn electronic guitar

You’re probably used to tapping away on a screen or clicking through a text document to learn how to play an electronic guitar, but the app that lets you learn and share your own music could make that process a lot easier.

Electronic music platform eTunes, which launched earlier this month, lets users download music, tracks and other digital content to their iOS devices, and then share the music, along with links to listen and download it on their phones, tablets and computers.

That’s an improvement over the old-fashioned way of playing tunes and learning how to compose them.

But the new eTune is much more than just a music player.

It’s an electronic book platform.

Like a book, it’s built around a collection of electronic instruments that can be played on a touchscreen, as well as a built-in editor that allows users to add notes, play a live video recording, upload videos and share clips.

And the more you use the app, the more electronic instruments you can add, too.

With more than 2 million tracks available, it can help you learn how instruments sound, what instruments sound like and how they’re used in a particular piece.

The app was launched with a launch event in Toronto last month, with a host of high-profile artists, including The Strokes, the Flaming Lips and many others.

While there’s no official date for when the app will launch, the launch event was timed to coincide with the release of the new album by the band The Stroke.

The Stroking released their debut album, A Seat at the Table, last week, and are gearing up for a summer tour, which is expected to include stops in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton.

(The Strokes is also touring Canada this fall.)

“I don’t think we’ve seen a better time to launch the new version,” said Josh Condon, the company’s vice-president of product development.

“It’s a platform where you can really learn from the artists that are on it.”

In other words, you can use the new app to discover new artists, learn about their work and, more importantly, help them grow.

The new e-book platform can be a big boon to people who have been frustrated by the process of learning and sharing music on a computer, Condon said.

The idea is to make the process so much easier, so people can learn from artists, even when they’re not necessarily familiar with the instrument.

“It makes it much easier to learn to play electronic music, and it makes it easy to share music and videos on social media,” he said.

It’ll also help people make their own music.

“With the music platform, you’ll be able to build your own tracks that you can then share to your followers, and people can share those with their friends, their fans, the world,” he added.

If you’re already a fan of music, the app could be a great way to explore more electronic music or to listen to a lot of music while commuting.

The eTUNE app can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

There are also a number of other apps available, including a popular podcasting app called the Loop, which offers a podcasting platform for musicians to share tracks and content with their fans.

“The app is about creating the platform for the community to create their own tracks and to share those tracks,” said Rob Sonderman, the founder of Loop, in an interview with The Globe and Mail.

“And then sharing those tracks on the platform is an important part of what the music community does.”

A number of musicians are also making music using the eTuned music platform.

The Canadian duo The Strokers have been making music together using the app for nearly a year.

The duo recorded the songs in the past, but now, using the same technology, they’re going to release their new album, The Future Is Now, this fall.

The album features songs like “Boredom,” “A Seat at The Table,” “Love Me Like You Do,” “The New Wave,” “Fade to Black” and many more.

The musicians are hoping that the new music platform will help to build a community around their music.

They also have plans to release more tracks, including their debut single, “Love Is In The Air,” on The Stroker’s website in the coming months.

With files from The Canadian Press.