What are the most exciting electronic instruments?

By Tom ClarkNational Geographic magazine’s electronic instrument team is excited to announce the winners of the annual competition to discover the most interesting and exciting electronic guitars of 2018.

The team chose a few instruments from a range of genres and genres of instrument, including a handful of classic instruments from the 1940s and 50s that are still available.

This year’s winners are:The BOSS P-47 electric guitar, built in 1959.

The BASS A20, a 1970s vintage electric guitar with an open body and an integrated soundhole.

The H-Series, an electric guitar from the 1970s and early 80s that had an open, single-coil neck.

The M-Series electric guitar made by Gibson, a 1960s, single coil, humbucker electric guitar.

The Korg M-100, a single-pickup electric guitar in a large-scale reproduction.

The E-Series acoustic guitar, made in 1973.

The Taurus A12, a modern, single guitar in an electric-bass shape, with a fixed neck.

The Taurus series had its origins in a 1960 vintage acoustic guitar by Les Paul and had been popularized by the Les Paul Signature series.

The Fender Jazzmaster, a classic electric guitar that has a solid body and is available in a variety of shapes.

The V-Series double-coiled electric guitar is one of the most popular guitars in the world.

Its unique body design, which allows for a wide range of string choices, gives the instrument a distinctive sound.

The D-Series is an upright electric guitar featuring a traditional maple neck, with an arched top.

The D-series is one in a family of double-chambered guitars that is built to a single body.

The Fender-made D-30, a Fender Model F double-shot, is a standard electric guitar but can also be used for electric bass and electric drums.

The P-Series has a double-basket, two-piece body that is also available in two-pickups and a four-pick up.

The S-Series uses a single neck with a humbucking pickup, but is made for the acoustic guitar.

It was made popular by the Gibson Les Paul signature series.