The Lad is a new product platform that lets you manufacture your own electronic drums and effects.

The Lad platform is designed for electronic instrument makers and users who need to quickly build a variety of electronic drum kits, and they’re all made with a common electronic process.

A lot of drum kits are assembled using traditional assembly methods, but Lad has designed a platform that allows users to assemble their own kits using its proprietary electronic process and manufacturing process.

The Lad, which will be available in April for $79.99, allows users and makers to quickly create and assemble electronic drum sounds with a wide variety of materials.

“This platform is built on the proven proven production process and process technology of AEDM and AEM,” said lead engineer Nick Lomas.

“We believe this new platform offers a new platform for makers to get started, while also allowing them to build the drum kits they want, with the tools they need to do so.”

Users will be able to create their own electronic drum kit using an assortment of different materials, such as copper, glass, and metal, which makes the process relatively simple.

Lad will also offer the ability to add custom elements and customize the kit, as well as allow users to make modifications and upgrades to their kits.

Lomas said the platform will enable people to design their own sounds, and users can choose which materials and processing method they want to use.

Lad is available now on the Amazon marketplace for $99.99.

The platform has been tested on the iLab platform, which is also available for $69.99 on the Lad platform.

The iLab is a drum kit manufacturer that sells its products through online retailers such as Amazon and

iLab’s founders, Kevin Bowers and Jonathan Mardis, also founded the DrumKitMaker, which provides an electronic drum manufacturing platform that is compatible with AEDMC and AEDMG products.

The DrumKitmaker platform is currently available for free on the DrumkitMaker website, and its free trial is now up for sale.

iLad’s lead engineer, Daniel B. Kuehn, said that the new platform is the result of a collaboration between the two companies.

“The Lad platform was developed to provide a way to quickly and easily build drum kits using a wide array of different parts and processes,” Kuehn said.

“Users can choose the material, process, and assembly method they wish to use to create kits, with tools and automation that will allow them to assemble kits in less than two minutes.”

The Lad has already been featured on TechCrunch.