‘It is a new day’ for e-commerce platform, Amazon, says the company

Amazon has unveiled an upgraded electronic platform it says will help customers save time and money on shopping, with a new platform designed to enable faster delivery.

The e-tailer said on Tuesday that its e-shop platform has been updated with a streamlined interface that is “the next generation of e-Commerce”, which it says is “a new day” for the e-tailing company.

The platform, which is called E-tailers Edge, will launch in the next few weeks.

It will enable customers to buy goods from Amazon directly on the platform, while Amazon can use its own servers to process orders and deliver the goods.

It said customers will be able to shop online, from their own Amazon account, and then use their existing Amazon account to pay for the items.

It is also aimed at helping customers save money on shipping, it said.

Amazon also said that the E-tails Edge platform will allow for Amazon’s new platform to become more transparent and secure, and that Amazon has “seen the power of this platform to deliver on time”.

The platform is expected to cost $49.99 per year and support 15 countries, it added.

Amazon said that customers will also be able “to see and purchase products in-store and online”.

The company has been under fire for failing to provide sufficient privacy and security to its users, with many accusing it of abusing its dominance in e-books and other online content.

Its latest round of stock-swaps saw it gain more than 1,000 points on the Nasdaq, which was up more than 14% at $27.70 a share.

The company has also gained $1.6 billion in the last 24 hours.