How to install electron-composer on GitHub

GitHub’s electron process platform is now the default in most developers’ toolbars.

Electron is a popular open source JavaScript framework used for development of web and mobile apps.

GitHub users can choose to use Electron, or they can build their own.

But what happens if you want to run it in the browser, and you want it to look like a native desktop application?

That’s where a new GitHub app comes in.

You can use the new “Desktop” tab on the “Plugins” tab in the sidebar to open an electron-based application.

You’ll then be able to navigate through the tools and build tools that will make your workspace more appealing to your team.

As you can see, it’s a bit of a departure from what you see in the GitHub Developer Portal, where you can download and install electron directly on your computer.

But it’s worth the effort if you’re building a desktop application for your team, or if you need something that works as-is on a Chromebook.