How to buy online from Electronic Arts platform and game publishers

Electronic Arts has announced a major upgrade to its online video service, which will allow publishers to publish new games, as well as offer discounts and promotions.The company is also offering a new digital storefront that will allow customers to purchase downloadable titles and get paid for digital content.Electronic Arts will begin charging publishers a […]

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When you’re not using it, what you can use it for?

Electronic prototyping platforms, such as the electronic jounrial platforms, have emerged as the go-to platforms for many digital fabrication projects.The platforms allow designers to create small, highly portable devices that can be easily transported to any location.The most popular are made by the small company Digital-on-Demand (D3), and by the large company Stratasys.These platforms are […]

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How to Use the Internet in a Mobile Phone App

In the age of the smartphone, we need a way to use the internet in a mobile phone app.The idea behind Cantar is to make it simple to use a mobile app without having to go through the cumbersome process of creating a dedicated site or registering an app.Cantar has just launched its own mobile […]

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How to write electron-based instruments for electronic drums

The electron platform is a platform for developing electronic drum instruments, based on the principle of creating an electronic signal in a waveform.The electronic drum is the result of a simple circuit design which uses electronic signals to amplify and decouple the individual elements of a signal.The sound produced by the drum is generated by […]

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How to keep your credit card information safe from hackers

You may not know this but, if you are on a credit card, you have a lot of potential victims.There are thousands of websites, social media networks, and even email accounts that use your credit information for their own purposes.Here are a few of the sites that have become known as the “biggest credit card […]

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