Which one of these new EVC-compatible devices is worth the hype?

This is a roundup of the best reviews and opinions on the newest EVC digital signature platforms.Read more.The eVic Signature Platform: eVac, eVAC, e-Vacitor, E-Volt, eXtend e-vacitor source HackerNews title What’s the difference between eVapor and eVec?article We’ve all heard of eVc, but are we familiar with the eVapors latest?Read moreWe’ve all been exposed to […]

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Apple’s Archipelago launches with an Apple Watch

Apple is introducing a new product line for its consumer electronics division on Monday, and it has the earphones in mind.The new product, Archipelaga, is aimed at users looking for a wireless earbud for listening to music and watching videos without wires.It comes in two different styles: a small-format earbuds with an earbuddy, and a […]

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How to save your business from losing millions of dollars to ransomware

A cybersecurity company is warning customers about a growing number of ransomware attacks that target consumer electronics.The cybersecurity company, Digital Forensic Intelligence, says the growing number, particularly targeting smart home appliances, have become a major problem for the electronics industry.Ransomware is a type of malware that steals the data of an infected computer or device […]

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How to manage a virtual currency exchange for digital goods platform,digital discovery platforms

Electronic Discovery Platform (EDP) has announced that it has been acquired by a company called Cryptomoney.Cryptomoney is a bitcoin exchange that allows people to exchange bitcoin and other digital currencies for goods and services in exchange for virtual currency.It currently allows people who have an online bank account to make payments in bitcoin for goods […]

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