How to design an electronic platform for an electronic warfare platform

An electronic warfare (EW) platform needs to be able to operate autonomously and not be controlled by humans.To achieve this, a platform needs the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks such as monitoring, command, control and communications, and even the ability of the platform to execute its mission.The Electronic Warfare Platform (EWP) concept […]

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How to get the best E-voting system in Australia

Google (AU) article Google has released its E-Vote platform to the public, giving Australians an opportunity to create their own voting system that will not only improve voting for Australians, but also increase confidence in our electoral system.The new voting platform allows Australians to set their own parameters and create their voting system for their […]

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NHL moves to phase out all-electric arena by 2021

NHL announced Thursday it plans to phase down its all-electronic arena in Detroit to 2026, but the league will continue to offer its NHLPA-regulated electric hockey arena to NHL teams for future use.The NHLPA voted unanimously Thursday to adopt the proposal, which it called a “comprehensive approach to moving our team to electric by 2026.”It […]

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How to use the NHL Price Platform for Hockey games

Electronic sports teams and ticket buyers are getting a lot of pushback for using different platforms like Amazon or eBay for the purchase of their favorite sports games.The NFL and NHL have been pushing the “buy now” and “save later” strategies in their game, but some have been getting pushback about using an “electronic pricing […]

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