Which Electronic Platforms Will You Play When?

Electronic Arts, makers of the hugely popular video game franchise Battlefield, has made a $5 billion acquisition of online platform Electronic Arts Inc., the company said on Thursday.The $5.3 billion deal comes as EA continues to focus on developing new and original games, and as its stock prices climb.Electronic Arts is a leader in digital […]

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How to fix a bad keyboard

Two weeks ago, the biggest platformer on the Wii U was a very good one: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.Today, the same thing happened with a lot of indie games.The game that sold millions of copies across the first three months of 2016 was now out of a job, as Nintendo announced that it had scrapped […]

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Which are the most popular games on EA’s EA Access service?

Electronic Arts has released a new list of its top-selling titles on the EA Access platform.The company said that its online game service was used by more than 100 million people in Australia.Electronic Arts said it was looking to increase the number of people using the service by 2020.It has been used by 100 million […]

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When The Internet Became A Place To Sell Art And Promote Creativity

The Internet has created an environment that is conducive to art, creativity and sharing ideas.With digital commerce and commerce platforms increasingly offering discounts on physical goods and services, it’s a safe bet that the art community has seen a surge in interest in these mediums over the past year.Now, a new study shows that artists […]

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