Which Electronic Platforms Will You Play When?

Electronic Arts, makers of the hugely popular video game franchise Battlefield, has made a $5 billion acquisition of online platform Electronic Arts Inc., the company said on Thursday.The $5.3 billion deal comes as EA continues to focus on developing new and original games, and as its stock prices climb.Electronic Arts is a leader in digital […]

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How to beat electronic drumming with electronic drums platform

I am a drummer.And I use electronic drumsticks to play drums.But I don’t play drums for the money or the fame or the attention.I play drums because I love them.Electronic drumming is a genre that’s been around since the dawn of time.It’s been called the ‘fourth mode of communication,’ after the ‘digital form’ of printing, […]

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Google Execs to Bring ‘Google Assistant’ to iPhone 6S

Google execs are planning to bring the virtual assistant to iPhones in the near future, according to the Wall Street Journal.Google is developing an Android-based virtual assistant that will allow users to ask questions, find information, and do other tasks via a virtual assistant.The project, dubbed Google Assistant 2.0, is described as a way for […]

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How to save your business from losing millions of dollars to ransomware

A cybersecurity company is warning customers about a growing number of ransomware attacks that target consumer electronics.The cybersecurity company, Digital Forensic Intelligence, says the growing number, particularly targeting smart home appliances, have become a major problem for the electronics industry.Ransomware is a type of malware that steals the data of an infected computer or device […]

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