Why You Shouldn’t Write A Computer Program Until You’re 90: An Interview With Michael Meeks, author of Electronic Hardware and Software,

The digital revolution has made it possible for people to get around the physical world.And the physical environment can get a bit claustrophobic.But in the digital age, there are new tools and tools that can enable us to take full advantage of the possibilities of the internet and the cloud.I’ve been working with Michael Mowers, […]

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Which is better: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Linux?

Posted October 02, 2018 12:30:38 With an increasing number of hardware and software companies and startups looking to adopt and commercialize their own software-based manufacturing solutions, there are a growing number of questions that need to be answered before we can expect a truly open and free-software world.The biggest problem is the lack of trust.Many […]

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When you’re not using it, what you can use it for?

Electronic prototyping platforms, such as the electronic jounrial platforms, have emerged as the go-to platforms for many digital fabrication projects.The platforms allow designers to create small, highly portable devices that can be easily transported to any location.The most popular are made by the small company Digital-on-Demand (D3), and by the large company Stratasys.These platforms are […]

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The Next Web: From mobile to mobile to the next big thing

From mobile devices to mobile phones, the future of computing has always been connected.Now, the possibilities are just getting started.But with a new wave of platforms launching in 2017, it seems that the next wave is just around the corner. This article is part of the The NextWeb series on digital and augmented reality.The Nextweb is […]

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Electron: A platform for electron-based prototypes and electron-powered discovery platforms

Electron is a platform for electronic prototyping platforms powered by the electron blockchain.The platform enables users to build and share electronic discovery platforms using the Ethereum blockchain.Electron developers have released a series of tools for the platform that enable developers to test their prototypes.Electrons developers have been working on the platform for several years and […]

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How to Build an Electronic Price Platform

The Electronic Price Marketplace (EPP) is a market for price-setting electronic voting systems that can be used for both presidential and local elections.It offers voting systems with different pricing options, including for example, free, premium, or premium plus.The system also provides a way for consumers to vote for which candidate is running in their district.In […]

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