How to find an electronic platform

In order to make it easier for your users to access your e-commerce platform, you need to set up a platform that is an electronic publication platform.This article provides an overview of electronic publishing platforms and how to get started.For information about how to set them up, see How to set an electronic publishing platform.Platforms […]

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When will Apple Pay be available for the new Apple TV?

Apple is bringing Apple Pay to the Apple TV, the company announced Tuesday, a move that will allow the $39.99 device to make and receive payments on a variety of digital devices and services.Apple Pay will be available on Apple TV devices through the new iOS 11 update and through the Apple Pay app for […]

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How to make an ebook platform without a book author

Electronic publishing platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook will all soon be available to the public.But with the advent of ebook formats, the publishing industry is finding that it’s easier to find and distribute books with an electronic imprint.But how do you make a platform that’s not tied to […]

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‘I’m not a robot’: ‘I am a human being’

Electronic literature platform ‘I Am A Robot’ has created an innovative way for people to engage with the world around them.The site is a social network for people who like to share stories, share knowledge and interact with others online.The platform is a place where people share their personal stories and experiences, and is accessible […]

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How to manage a virtual currency exchange for digital goods platform,digital discovery platforms

Electronic Discovery Platform (EDP) has announced that it has been acquired by a company called Cryptomoney.Cryptomoney is a bitcoin exchange that allows people to exchange bitcoin and other digital currencies for goods and services in exchange for virtual currency.It currently allows people who have an online bank account to make payments in bitcoin for goods […]

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