What are the most exciting electronic instruments?

By Tom ClarkNational Geographic magazine’s electronic instrument team is excited to announce the winners of the annual competition to discover the most interesting and exciting electronic guitars of 2018.The team chose a few instruments from a range of genres and genres of instrument, including a handful of classic instruments from the 1940s and 50s that […]

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How to use the latest app to learn electronic guitar

You’re probably used to tapping away on a screen or clicking through a text document to learn how to play an electronic guitar, but the app that lets you learn and share your own music could make that process a lot easier.Electronic music platform eTunes, which launched earlier this month, lets users download music, tracks […]

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UK government unveils ‘cyber’ cybersecurity plan

By The Wall St. Journal – 3/27/2016 04:00:06 In a move that is likely to alarm the business community, Britain’s Government has said it will set up a “cyber security platform” to help companies protect themselves against hackers.The government will create the Cyber Security Centre, which will be run by a consortium of government and […]

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How to play cordova electron on your phone

With the launch of cordova electronic guitar and electron detect platform on the Android platform, the Android market is finally getting a mobile-friendly electric guitar player.And it seems like cordova has the answer for you.In this article, we’ll show you how to use the platform and its features to play guitar on Android, iOS, and […]

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