How to use the latest app to learn electronic guitar

You’re probably used to tapping away on a screen or clicking through a text document to learn how to play an electronic guitar, but the app that lets you learn and share your own music could make that process a lot easier.Electronic music platform eTunes, which launched earlier this month, lets users download music, tracks […]

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Which are the most popular games on EA’s EA Access service?

Electronic Arts has released a new list of its top-selling titles on the EA Access platform.The company said that its online game service was used by more than 100 million people in Australia.Electronic Arts said it was looking to increase the number of people using the service by 2020.It has been used by 100 million […]

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puma announces plans to enter the electronic marketplace

puma has announced plans to establish a new electronic platform for its business.Electronic platform Themes aims to offer a unified platform for businesses to build their online presence.Themes is the brainchild of the billionaire businessman Puma’s chairman and chief executive officer, Pim De Jong, who said the aim is to help businesses better understand the […]

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How to build an all-electronic platform

Electron has a new way to interact with the web.But it’s a new platform that has a big new advantage.The company has announced an all new platform to help developers build websites that run on electronic devices.The new platform, called Electron Electron, is being built to provide developers with an easy and powerful way to […]

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