Which of the EDS e-Platforms can you buy?

Electronic chassis platforms (ECPs) are the next generation of e-commerce platforms.They allow e-tailers to sell on a platform that has a large amount of online inventory.Unlike traditional e-retailers, e-platforms are also able to offer products directly to customers.For instance, one EDP platform has the capability to sell products directly from Amazon, Amazon Prime, Ebay, eBay […]

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Trump: ‘I didn’t say that’ to Comey

President Donald Trump told NBC News on Sunday that he didn’t refer to former FBI Director James Comey as a “nut job” and that he did not call the former FBI chief a “showboat” during an Oval Office meeting.“I never said that, that’s not what I said,” Trump said in an interview that was recorded […]

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When will Apple Pay be available for the new Apple TV?

Apple is bringing Apple Pay to the Apple TV, the company announced Tuesday, a move that will allow the $39.99 device to make and receive payments on a variety of digital devices and services.Apple Pay will be available on Apple TV devices through the new iOS 11 update and through the Apple Pay app for […]

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How to Build an Electronic Price Platform

The Electronic Price Marketplace (EPP) is a market for price-setting electronic voting systems that can be used for both presidential and local elections.It offers voting systems with different pricing options, including for example, free, premium, or premium plus.The system also provides a way for consumers to vote for which candidate is running in their district.In […]

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