Why Tekselectron will be the best electronic platform for ebooks and books

Electronic publishing platforms such as TeksElectron and Scribd are the future of ebooks, and the two are being developed by different companies.Teks Electron is being built by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has also developed Scribd.Teams of developers are working on Teksecommerce, which will allow users to buy and sell ebooks on a large scale.Scribd […]

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Why tkes e-platform is a better bet than a traditional bank: analyst

The TKTS Ecosystem Platform is a more streamlined way to manage your digital assets.With it, you can create, manage and store your digital currency in a simpler way.You can also access and transact the digital currency through a single dashboard.With its flexible business model, you will not have to invest in multiple digital assets and […]

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Tkes Electronic Platform: “Tke is a platform for the electronic communication of information, applications, and experiences”

The makers of the tkes electronic communication platform, which makes software to deliver high-bandwidth internet-based data to customers, have a long history of using their hardware to build software that can make it easier for people to interact with their devices, but they’ve also been creating a much more advanced software platform to run on.Tkes […]

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What’s Next for the Electric Platforms in the New Consumer Economy

Electromagnets have been a staple of electronics manufacturing for more than a century, but they have only recently started making significant inroads into the retail and consumer markets.At the same time, the technology is facing a host of challenges.The tech is poised to take off as a viable alternative to conventional electronics, but there’s also […]

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UK government unveils ‘cyber’ cybersecurity plan

By The Wall St. Journal – 3/27/2016 04:00:06 In a move that is likely to alarm the business community, Britain’s Government has said it will set up a “cyber security platform” to help companies protect themselves against hackers.The government will create the Cyber Security Centre, which will be run by a consortium of government and […]

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